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The New Testament quotations by Henry Gough (Published 1855) (free online)

This is an excellent book with 100s of quotes by Jesus and His apostles which are found VERBATIM in the Greek Old Testament. Here is a weighty quote from the Preface of said book:


"Large as this collection is, it must not for a moment be supposed that it comprehends all the verbal similarities to the Old Testament, and especially to the Septuagint version of it, which the New Testament contains. In truth, "the version of the LXX. is not to be regarded merely as the first and most important of all versions of the Old Testament, whether ancient or modern; but as constituting a great historical fact or epoch in the plan of the Christian dispensation."* It was made in the wonderful providence of God in order to prepare the way for the calling of the Gentiles. The whole New Testament is founded on it : most, if not all, of the doctrinal terms of the Gospel, are derived from it: and, had not such a translation been published and received a proper time before our Saviour's advent, the composition of the New Testament in Greek would, humanly speaking, have been impossible. An idea of the vast extent to which Septuagintal phraseology is employed in the New Testament may be gained from the immense mass of citations, allusions, and parallels of thought and expression— "thousands and tens of thousands of incidental resemblances" — collected in the learned and most valuable works of the Rev. E. W. Grinfield, M.A. (An Apology for the Septuagint. Lond. 1850.) to which, and still more to whose personal kindness and courtesy, it is my pleasing duty to record my obligations."


In conclusion, I would express my earnest desire, that it may please God favorably to accept this attempt to promote the study of His holy Word, to pardon all that is or has been miss in connection with it, and to use it as it shall seem good to Himself."

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