Vetus Latina

Or, "Old Latin", was a Latin translation of the Greek Septuagint. The Vetus Latina was replaced by Jerome's Latin Vulgate at the direction of Pope Damasus I in 382.


I was born from above and baptized in God's Spirit in 1997. The first 20 years I studied  what is called the Masoretic Text translated in the King James Version. I always noticed the differences between the old testament quotes and the new testament. After praying and seeking God for the answer to this discrepancy, I was soon after lead to the Septuagint (LXX). There, I found most of the questions I had and much more I didn't know to ask. Now, three years after studying the Old Testament in Greek, I decided to start this page and put together the resources which helped me to understand how important the Septuagint is!

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